by popular demand: BUBBLEWOBBLES!

BUBBLEWOBBLES is not only the beneficent figure gracing the final page of the SPLENDORGANUM book, but is also rumoured to be the main character of a forthcoming kids' book. 
in the meantime though BUBBLEWOBBLES is now the star of his own button and fabric line!

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1.5" diameter, pin-back

approx. 26" high x 18" wide
55% linen and 45% combed cotton (machine wash warm or cool using phosphate-free detergent)
color: sunny yellow/orange

the first design is available now and is suitable for wall hanging!
42" high x 36" wide
100% quilting weight cotton
your choice of wine red on slate grey (see photo) 
OR lemon yellow on forest green (not shown)
please note: i have left the fabric panel with unfinished top and bottom edges.
depending on your preference and/or craftiness, you may choose to sew them yourself, have a tailor/seamstress sew them for you, or keep the edges raw.
the photo example has been finished by machine-stitching the top and bottom edges down 1", and inserting thin wooden dowels for support.

all prices include shipping and handling. 

email - forks [at] iamspoonbender [dot] com
be sure to include your full name, email address and shipping address.

allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


the soft and the hard...

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a book of hand-drawn images by Robynn Iwata

35 images drawn freehand in archival ink and pencil
on bristol board, origami and kraft paper.

40 full colour pages.

clothbound hardcover with dustjacket $36.
perfectbound softcover $24.

published may 2010 by mesmer detector, ltd.

prices include shipping and handling.

send an email to
be sure to include your full name, email address and shipping address.

allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


a few glimpses inside...

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from the introduction to SPLENDORGANUM...

for well over a decade and a half i've shared creative head/work spaces with Ms Iwata, and have collaborated with her on many different projects in a multitude of mediums. these creative journeys are uniformly accompanied by detailed discussions regarding techniques, perspective, meaning and the content of the work at hand. i've regularly seen her very precise and diverse hand drawn works- hard line lettering, logos, figures and characters, etc- mistaken for computer generated productions. yet, for the present work, there was a distinct stylistic and technical departure- an unusually solitary and soundless meditation surrounded the genesis of these mythic works. put another way, these potentially limitless organic rorschachs are born from a type of automatism. however, absonant to formal surrealist trance states- where the pen flows 'automatically' in disregard to conscious structure, choice and logic- these faux organic forms are semi-directed channelings, expanding and reaching out from deep within the mysterious space from which all things flow. for well over a year, in between discussions of the kind of ideas that can be found in works like 'The Inner Lives Of Minerals, Plants, And Animals' by Manly P. Hall, and Peter Tompkins' 'The Secret Life Of Plants', i would notice her slip into the drafting table chair and 'go silent', emerging many, many hours later with yet another spontaneous, mind-born bio-form. inevitably, we'd contemplate these metaphysical creations for hours, turning them/re-seeing them at 90 and 180 degrees, etc. only once was the question asked by me- "but what are these?" and like any creator who only wants what's best for their created, her answer was direct, unassuming and open: "the image wants to grow."
-dustin thomas donaldson


black ink on bristol...

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black ink on origami...

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pencil on kraft...

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